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Family Tree of Maharaj Shivaji Raje Bhosale

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Birthdate of Shivaji Raje Bhosale - 19 -02 – 1630 A.D

Death Of Shivaji raje Bhosale  – 04 April 1680 A.D

Shivaji Maharaj Picture

Shivaji Maharaj Picture

Here are the 3 pictures of Full Family tree of Shivaji Raje which gives solid proof that Maharaj Shivaji Raje Bhosale was a Rajput .



Origin of Bhosale clan

Shivaji-Raje-Family-tree 1

Shivaji was Rajput

Shivaji-Maharaj-Family-tree 2


Shivaji Raje caste

For Full History of Legendary King Shivaji Maharaj – Shivaji Maharaj History 

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4 Comments for this entry

  • kale

    these family tree can be easily made on photoshop…

    if shivaji was rajput…
    1)then why he called him self maratha
    2)he can openly say that he was rajput. if he was rajput then he should rise rajput empire…why maratha

    because he was maratha…
    3)jijabai was from maratha caste..
    4)at that time there were maratha rulers but they were not so famous…
    5)then sivaji maharaj took birth and rised maratha..

    at the time of cornation …aall brhamin wre opposing…then why only gaga bhatt was ready because he was given lot of gold for doing cornation…or….u didnt know that there are Kshatriya in marathas also….u think that there are only Kshatriya, in rajput..

    # here is the origin of rajputs fully read it


    visit this website also
    see about maratha dont …u dontknow about maratha

  • akki patil gawande

    shivaji raje bhosale maharastratil ahet v kshatriy kulatil ahe v tyanchya ajobanna PATIL ki milali mla yacha abhiman ahe v hindavi swarajya stapan kel yacha abhiman ahe !

  • Tanaji Turkunde Patil

    jai shivray

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