The Battle of Haldighati

The Battle of Haldighati – Maharana pratap on Chetak

Maharana Pratap Battle of Haldighati
Maharana Pratap Battle of Haldighati

Battle of Haldighati when 20000 (Twenty Thousand ) Rajput Warriors and Bhil tribe Warriors Fought against 80,000 ( Eighty Thousand )of Mughal Army of Akbar under control of Man Singh . The battle was truly symbolic of the raw courage, spirit of sacrifice, and loyalty of the Rajputs in their heroic

It is the scene when Maharana Pratap on Chetak while fighting  Saw Man Singh on Elephant and Rana ji quickly left his army to attack Man singh . He rushed so quick that his men could not follow him to cover him . Pratap threw his lance; Man Singh ducked, and the mahout (Elephant rider) was killed.

Mughal Could not win this war , As their primary Motive to kill Rana Pratap was failed . The Battle of Haldighati gave high Casualties to Mughals.

when Rana Pratap got surrounded by Mughals , Man Singh Jhala came in with Rana ji’s look alike outfit and illused enemies that he is King of Mewar , which let Rana Ji some time to escape alive . hence Man singh jhala died .

Rana ji’s chetak (horse) was highly injured , and to make full escape for the safety of Rana ji , chetak had to jump from nadi .but when Rana ji paused to think how to even get through this huddle , chetak already crossed it and died there.


A Poem Dedicated to Maharana Pratap  

क्रीडा होती हथियारों से ,होती थी केलि कटारों से !
असि धार देखने को ऊँगली, कट जाती थी तलवारों से !
हल्दीघाटी का भैरव -पथ ,रंग दिया गया था खूनो से !
जननी पद अर्चन किया गया ,जीवन के विचक प्रसूनो से !
अब तक उस भीषण घाटी के ,कण कण की चढ़ी जबानी है !
राणा ! तू इसकी रक्षा कर ,ये सिंघासन अभिमानी है !!

भीलों में रण -झंकार अभी ,लटकी करि में तलवार अभी !
भोलेपन में ललकार अभी ,आँखों में अंगार अभी !
गिरिवर के उन्नत सृंगों पर ,तरु के मेवे आहार बने !
इसकी रक्षा के लिए शिखर थे ,राणा के दरबार बने !
जावरमाला के गहटर में ,अभी भी तो निर्मल पानी है !
राणा ! तू इसकी रक्षा कर ,ये सिंघासन अभिमानी है !!


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