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maharana udai singh history

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rana udai singh

rana udai singh

Maharana udai singh II (August 4, 1522 – February 28, 1572)  was brave rajput King of Mewar state , he was son of Rana Sanga ( Rana Sangram ) and Rani Karmavati (a princess of Bundi.) who fought for Hindus against the Babur which was the First battle against Mughals . When Rana Sanga Died , Chittor with No prime leader – got under attack by Sultan of Gujarat .

pannadhay story in hindi

That time Rana Udai singh being a child was transfered to Kumbhalgarh for safety , but his uncle Balbir wanted the throne and tried to kill the little prince but Panna Dhai changed her own baby with Udai singh ji , as result Udai singh survived .

panna dhai history hindi

panna dhai history hindi

After getting on Throne , Rana Udai singh restored Chittor , and tried making plans to attack invaders like Afghans , Maharana pratap was the eldest child of Rana Udai singh .

He Pulled out the army of Sher shah suri from Mewar region by defeating Shams khan and his huge army with less then half number of Rajput army .


The city of Udaipur in Mewad bears his name.

Death of Rana Udai Singh

Udai Singh shifted his capital to Udaipur. He died in 1572 in Gogunda .

Before his death Rana Udai Singh declared his ninth son Jagmal (Son of Udai singh and Rani Bhatyani ) as king , but later Nobles of Mewar made Rana Pratap the ruler of Mewar .


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    we should unite without any ego and make a presence in politices so as to build the real hinduism more strong and govern the country as we used to do in past . there will not be any history if we exclude rajpoots . the mugals / politicians really distorted the rajpoot history and presented in the soceity in such a manner that we , the rajpoots are loosing our identity .

  • maahi khan

    I Want to know that what was the reson of death of maharana Uday singh II ie- father of Rana Pratap Singh
    If anyone knows please tell me at wasim.mba12@gmail.com..

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