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Ashapura Mata Kuldevi of Jadeja

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Ashapura Mata is one of aspect devi. Her temples are mainly found in Gujarat.
In Rajasthan, her temples are in Modran and Nadol.
She is considered as kuldevi of Jadeja. The main temple is located at Mata no Madh in Kutch, where she is worshiped as kuldevi of Jadeja rulers of Kutch and main guardian deity of region.Even many Chauhan Rajputs also worship her as Kuldevi.

Ashapura mata

Ashapura mata

The Devda Rajputs also worship her as kuldevi.

Ashapura Mata Temples

Jadeja domains of

  • Rajkot,
  • Jasdan
  • Morbi,
  • Gondal,
  • Jamnagar,
  • Ghumli,
  • Bhuj.


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