Rajput Jauhar History

What is Jauhar .

Jauhar is Self Immolation done by Royal Rajput Kshatraniya( Rajput Ladies) when the Battle is about to lose , rather than surrender and fall to harem of muslim and afghan invaders they prefer death . (when defeat was both imminent and inescapable.)

jauhar of rani padma
jauhar of rani padma

Rajput were  considered proper for the men to fight to the last breath when defeat became certain in a war hence  jauhar was committed to avoid capture and dishonour of royal women.

Jauhar by Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan’s wife  last hindu ruler of Delhi , Maharani Samyukta  along with her ladies committed jauhar rather than surrendering to the Afghan invaders .

Jauhar of Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer : 3 Jauhar has been occurred in Jaisalmer , The Bhati Rajput the Royals of Jaisalmer prefers death but not dominance of other outside invaders .

Mewar queen jauhar
Jaisalmer jauhar



First Jauhar of Chittor

Jauhar History of rajput ladies
Jauhar History of rajput ladies


chittor jauhar
chittor jauhar

Queen Padmini  (Mewar ki Rani ) was said to be the one of the most beautiful lady in the world , and Ala-ud-din khilji wanted her to be in his kingdom.  So he somehow managed to capture  Rana Rawal Ratan Singh ruler of Mewar.

Padmini sent false information  that she would join Ala-ud-din, but she was to come with 700 women as befitted her status. The Rajputs were thus able to infiltrate about 2000 men into Ala-ud-din’s camp. Each Palaqi Palanquin contained two Rajput soldiers and four men to lift it.

Gora and Badal (Rajput Brave soldiers) were leading this team. Ala-ud-din allowed Padmini one final meeting with her husband, which allowed the Rajputs to whisk Ratan Singh out from under the Khilji king’s nose. Beaten, Ala-ud-din returned to Delhi, only to come back better equipped early the next year. The Rajput defence failed as a result of this second attack and, to a man, perished on the battlefield while their womenfolk, led by Maharani Padmini, performed Jauhar


Second Jauhar of Chittor

second jauhar was when Rana Sanga Died fighting with Mughal Forces  in 1528 AD after the Battle of Khanua.

Rana Sanga and Rajput Army sought to defeat and overthrow the first Mughal Emperor Babur and his Muslim Mughals.

It is said that this could be the Turning point of Mughal Invaders , Rana Sanga could have been victorious but because lack of modern weapons they lost the battle , babur had cannons which were used in india for first time ,and

Right in the middle of Battle of Khanwa,Raja Shiladitya treacherously decamped with his followers to Babur’s side. This brought immediate collapse of Rana’s forces.

Shortly afterwards, Mewar and Chittor came under the regency of his widow, Rani Karnavati.

Third Jauhar of Chittor

Queen Padmini jauhar
Jauhar of Mewar

Third Jauhar was made when Akbar Marched to Chittor with his full force , Jaimal Rathore and Patta Sisodiya‘s command and excellent leadership of these 18 year old boys akbar’s army had heavy casualties .

After 8 months chittor lost the battle because of lack of food and water ,  committed Jauhar in the night of February 22, 1568 AD, and the next morning, the Rajput men committed saka.

When akbar finally got into the Gates of Chittor , he got no people from Rajput Royal Family ( as they escaped) , No treasure was there , and all ladies performed Jauhar . In Anger Akbar Commanded to Kill all 40,000 hindus of chittor.


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