Kumbhalgarh Fort

Location of KumbhalGarh Fort.

Its location had always been Kumbhalgarh’s greatest advantage. Because it was virtually inaccessible in the 15th century, Rana Kumbha of Mewar built this great defensive fortress on a 3,500 feet (1,100 meters) high hill overlooking the approaches from Ajmer and Marwar. Today, precisely because it is within easy reach of Udaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer, and Pushkar-yet off the well trodden tourist routes-Kumbhalgarh is an attractive destination.

kumbhalgarh fort
kumbhalgarh fort

History of KumbhalGarh Fort

In Kumbha’s time the kingdom of Mewar spread from Ranthambore to Gwalior, including vast tracts of present-day Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Mewar’s rulers became patrons of all that was best in Indian martial and fine arts, architecture, and learning. Of the 84 fortresses defending Mewar, 32 were designed and built by Rana Kumbha. Of these, Kumbhalgarh with its 36-kilometer long wall and soaring towers is the most impressive.

Kumbhalgarh stands on the site of an ancient citadel dating back to the second century AD belonging to a Jain descendant of India’s Mauryan emperors. It defined the boundaries between Mewar and Marwar and became a refuge for Mewar’s rulers in times of strife. Its steel gray ramparts encircle the fertile Shero Mallah Valley, with ancient monuments cenotaphs, ponds and flourishing farms. Kumbhalgarh never been conquered .


Facts of Kumbhalgarh Fort

  1. It was Never been Conquered .
  2. Birth Place of Maharana Pratap .
  3. Built by Maharana Kumbha – who never got defeated .
  4. Has one of the Largest Shivling of India.
  5. Consist second Largest walls in the world (After great wall of china).
  6. Built Eco friendly and great architecture  example.
  7. Pride and Gem of Rajputs.


Neelkanth Temple of Kumbhal Garh

It has one of the Largest Shivling in its Temple of Neelkanth temple

largest-shivling in kumbhalgarh
largest-shivling in kumbhalgarh






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