Om Banna – Bullet Baba

People who visited Om banna’s Bike Temple usually say “jay shri om Banna. Me aaj Jo bhi hu aap hi Ki karpa se hu.”

There’s a place in Rajasthan on Jodhpur-Ahmedabad highway, named as Rohet 20 kms before Pali city. Where the Om Banna’s Temple is situated.

Story of Om Banna

Om Singh Rathore alias Om Banna of village chotilla, in 1988

One Day Om Banna was riding his Bullet bike ,It was election time, Om Banna with his bike had gone to Pali for some meeting of all Thakurs, he crashed on the same site while riding on his bullet.After that cops seized his bike, but the next morning the bike was missing from the police station, they searched the bike and found that the bike is standing on the accident site, they took the bike back to the police station but again next morning they found the bike at the same spot. they believed that this whole act is done by Om Banna (actually his soul). so they built a temple there (a shed only) in his memory. from then on people worship him as an accident preventer.

Its being said that Om Banna Himself Rescue Peoples life who comes into his temple .


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