Paan Singh Tomar Real History

Paan Singh Tomar (Tomar Rajput )was Indian Athelete who won Consucutive 7 Gold Medals seven times national steeplechase champion every year and even set world record in steeplechase race . He contributed a lot to India , he was gem of India .

He was in Indian Army as Subedaar .

He felt  frustrated when not allowed to go the borders in 1962 and 1965 war because sportsmen were not allowed to fight in the wars. In 1967, he participated in the International Military Gamesand wins the gold medal in the steeplechase.


paan singh tomar
paan singh tomar

Paan Singh Tomar and Bhanwar Singh

His elder brother from his native place visits him and tells about illegal acquisition by Bhanwar Singh, his relative. Paan Singh retires from the Army to settle his family disputes, despite being offered a position as the coach in the army.

On arriving home, he tries to resolve issue with Bhanwar Singh. He seeks help from the District Collector and local police station, but no help is provided. His son gets beaten badly by Bhanwar Singh and his goons. Paan Singh then orders his son to rejoin army and stay away from the dispute.

Bhanwar Singh and his goons try to kill Paan Singh and family. His family manages to escape but his mother gets killed brutally.

Paan Singh Tomar a Baaghi

After getting so much pain and then Paan singh realised that government will give no support so he decides to avenge his mother’s death. He becomes a baaghi who wreaks havoc in the Chambal Valley. He forms a gang and continues to add new members.

.He soon becomes notorious in Chambal Valley area. After gaining enough power and money, he murders Bhanwar Singh and his goons.


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