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Indian Prince from Royal indian Families

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Prince of Jodhpur -ShivRaj

Prince of Udaipur – Lakshyaraj

Lakshyaraj Prince of Mewar

Lakshyaraj Prince of Mewar

 Prince of Jaipur

Prince of Jaipur -Padmanabh Singh

Prince of Jaipur -Padmanabh Singh

Prince of Shivrati(Jagir)  Shri RAGHAV RAJ SINGH – 

Prince of shivrati  raghavraj

shivrati Maharaj raghavraj

Prince of Kashmir – Vikramaditya Singh ji

Prince of Kashmir - vikramaditya Singh

Prince of Kashmir – vikramaditya Singh


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yuvraj shivraj singh jodhpur

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Yuvraj Shivraj Singh of Jodhpur – An skilled Polo Player and handsome talented prince of Jodhpur , He is now involved in the business of managing the palace hotel group which includes Umaid Bhawan, Bal Samand, Sardar Samand, and various festivities and functions involving the Jodhpur Royal Family

Maharaja Gaj Singh with Shivraj

Maharaja Gaj Singh with Shivraj

 Shivraj Singh -Prince of Jodhpur



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Jodhpur Royal family

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Here are some Pictures of ROYAL FAMILY OF JODHPUR


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