maharana udai singh history

rana udai singh
rana udai singh

Maharana udai singh II (August 4, 1522 – February 28, 1572)  was brave rajput King of Mewar state , he was son of Rana Sanga ( Rana Sangram ) and Rani Karmavati (a princess of Bundi.) who fought for Hindus against the Babur which was the First battle against Mughals . When Rana Sanga Died , Chittor with No prime leader – got under attack by Sultan of Gujarat .

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That time Rana Udai singh being a child was transfered to Kumbhalgarh for safety , but his uncle Balbir wanted the throne and tried to kill the little prince but Panna Dhai changed her own baby with Udai singh ji , as result Udai singh survived .

panna dhai history hindi
panna dhai history hindi

After getting on Throne , Rana Udai singh restored Chittor , and tried making plans to attack invaders like Afghans , Maharana pratap was the eldest child of Rana Udai singh .

He Pulled out the army of Sher shah suri from Mewar region by defeating Shams khan and his huge army with less then half number of Rajput army .


The city of Udaipur in Mewad bears his name.

Death of Rana Udai Singh

Udai Singh shifted his capital to Udaipur. He died in 1572 in Gogunda .

Before his death Rana Udai Singh declared his ninth son Jagmal (Son of Udai singh and Rani Bhatyani ) as king , but later Nobles of Mewar made Rana Pratap the ruler of Mewar .


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Rana Udai Singh

Despite the defeat of Rana Sangram Singh in the battle of Sikri, the resistance of the Ranas of Mewad to Muslim rule continued for the next 100 years. Rana Sangram Singh’s son, Udai Singh was an infant when his father died after the battle of Sikri.

Rana Udai Singh history

His uncle tired to kill the child and crown prince Udai Singh. But the supreme sacrifice of his nurse Panna Dai who misled the uncle by offerring her own son for being killed, saved Udai Singh. Udai Singh was brought up secretly till he attained youth. He subsequently defeated his uncle and assumed the throne of Chittod. He continued his father’s legacy of preserving the independence of Chittod from the Muslim invaders. The city of Udaipur in Mewad bears his name.

History of Udaipur

A panoramic veiw of the city of Udaipur. This city and the forts that dotted the hills surrounding it were the heartland of the Rajput resistance to the Muslims. Here Muslim Rule could never be established for any length of time all through the 700 years when the Muslims occupied different parts of India.


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